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[Press Release] The Future Of Fitness Is Now In Singapore

SINGAPORE, September 2019 — Amaris B. Clinic, a provider of Medical Aesthetic services in Singapore, has announced its service expansion into the domain of fitness – streamlining its focus to Aesthetics, Sculpting and Fitness.

An increased awareness among people in regards to their health and wellbeing has seen a rise in the business of fitness in Singapore. Inopportunely, this realisation and participation has also resulted in more fitness activity-related injuries for some. For others, despite their efforts in joining a gym and/or engaging a Personal Trainer, they are still devoid of results and success.

Amaris B. Clinic not only provides surgical intervention for body fat reduction but also provides a holistic approach to weight management, fat loss, cellulite reduction, improved lymphatic circulation and injury rehabilitation. Dr Ivan Puah, its Medical Director, has seen clients who have tried to lose weight and stubborn body fat with exercise and esoteric dieting but with less than ideal results. 

“I believe that with the right weight management plan that is devised by a doctor, combined with patented compression and vacuum technology, and surgical intervention, patients will be able to reduce the numbers on the scale, sculpt the body and improve body fat percentage.”– Dr. Ivan Puah, Medical Director at Amaris B. Clinic.

Everyone Deserves To Look and Feel Their Best

Aesthetics and body sculpting treatments are not restricted to just skin laser, liposuction or botulinum toxins, to name a few. Consumers today are also looking into elevating their self-confidence in the form of other means like fitness.

The Amaris B. Fitness Programme is an essential and much-welcomed inclusion to our range of surgical procedures and medical aesthetics treatments. Among other practicalities, it provides a suitable option for those who may have qualms about seeking aesthetic improvements via the common route of aesthetic procedures and treatments. This is aligned with our belief that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Low-impact Fitness Via Vacuum Compression Therapy In A Vacuum Pod

Amaris B. Fitness Programme uses Vacuum Compression Therapy. The cycles of positive and negative pressure aids in improving circulation. The volume of an elastic vessel can be increased by the application of a vacuum force on its outer wall. In the negative pressure phase of Vacuum Compression Therapy, the vacuum force is exerted on the extremities and its vessels. In the positive pressure phase, the venous drainage is facilitated. Thus the alteration of positive and negative pressure promotes increased arterial and capillary circulation and better venous drainage.

When employed in a vacuum pod, the body’s natural fat-burning system is supercharged via an increased blood circulation to the body. This can aid in fat loss, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction and even injury rehabilitation. 

Since it is a low impact exercise, Vacuum Compression Therapy will not aggravate injuries, enabling patients to still burn calories without putting pressure on the injured points. Utilising compression and vacuum technology, Amaris B. Fitness Programme is able to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to damaged tissue. This, in turn, boosts cell activity resulting in the regeneration of muscle and tissue. Affected areas are enhanced with enriched blood supplies and detoxification of the system takes place. A significant reduction in recovery time can be expected.

Myotherapy: Relieving Pain From Overtraining

To further provide a truly complete fitness programme, Amaris B. Clinic is also providing in-house myotherapy service. Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy that primarily focuses on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain such as trauma or muscle contracture (myofascial pain), nervous system (neuropathic pain) and joints (articular pain). Myofascial pain may develop from a muscle injury or from strain on a specific muscle, muscle group, ligament or tendon, usually from work, sporting and recreational activities. 

Amaris B. Fitness Programme For Everyone And Every Body

Amaris B. Fitness Programme employs a personalised approach, which makes it suitable for everyone. It is tailored based on the individual’s age, weight, connective tissue condition and venous condition. Additionally and based on the clinical assessment of the individual’s health and fitness goals, a doctor’s personalised course of medications will also be prescribed.