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[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah Shares 5 Beauty & Body Sculpting Trends In The Cosmetic & Aesthetic Industry For 2023

SINGAPORE, December 2022 — As we look forward to the new year, Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director at Amaris B. Clinic, who has more than 15 years of medical aesthetics and surgical body contouring experience, shares five beauty and body sculpting trends expected to take centre stage in 2023.


[Press Release] Unrealistic Beauty Standard From Celebrities’ & Influencers’ Social Posts Is Contributing To The Rise Of Botched Surgeries, Dr Ivan Puah Observed

Blindly influenced by social posts by celebrities and influencers, the “one look fits all” mentality has taken more precedence than a realistically achievable physique, causing unhealthy self-perception and the dangerous rise of botched surgeries.

[Press Release] Amaris B. Clinic awarded the “Body Sculpting Medical Centre of the Year in Asia Pacific” for four years in a row by GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific

According to GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific, “the distinguished awards honour clinics and medical centres, who have been playing an increasingly critical role within the patient journey and in setting the highest standards in the delivery of care.”

[Press Release] GlobalHealth Asia-Pacific recognises Amaris B. Clinic as the Gynecomastia Clinic of the Year in Asia Pacific 2022

The award is a recognition of excellence among medical providers in the Asia Pacific region, as acknowledged by leading professionals in healthcare providers and organisations in the sector.

[Press Release] Amaris B. Clinic Is Seeing More Patients for Liposuction Due To Inefficacy of Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director at Amaris B. Clinic, has been performing modern liposuction and corrective surgeries for patients who have experienced less than satisfactory results from non-surgical treatments and those who suffer from PAH, a rare side effect of cryolipolysis.

[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah Expands Service To Sports Aesthetics® To Meet Demands Of Sportspeople

Sports aesthetics® is a term coined by Dr Ivan Puah based on the three pillars of combining unique service offerings to help fitness enthusiasts, sportspeople and professional athletes attain their ideal physiques without compromising the quality of their physical health.

Dr Ivan Puah Reveals That Using Calcium Hydroxyapatite Injection (Radiesse®️) Post Liposuction Can Improve Skin Laxity Significantly


February 2022

Multiple studies have revealed that combining Calcium hydroxyapatite injection (Radiesse®️) with other modalities effectively promotes skin tightening. When used with Dr Ivan Puah’s novel fat removal and body contouring approach, the MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo technique, results will achieve an optimal outcome. 


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