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Liposuction Benefits & Risks

Who wouldn’t love to have a perfect physique or body shape? A flat ‘six-pack’ abdomen, slim yet curvy waist, toned and slender arms and thighs are what most of us dream of having (preferably without requiring too much effort ☺)

But guess what? Many of us will find it extremely difficult to achieve that due to many factors which we may or may not be able to control, such as:

  • Improper dietary intake 
  • Lack of exercise or not knowing how to optimize our workouts
  • Social habits that will affect our health and fitness such as, lack of sleep, smoking, stress and so on
  • Genetic factors, the most frustrating of all, affects how efficient our fat metabolism is and how our body distributes fat

Even if you manage to lose weight, you may not be able to target or ‘spot-reduce’ the flabby body areas that trouble you. For example, if one has thick ‘saddle-bag’ fat bulges, weight loss alone may not slim that area down proportionately.

So you see, working extremely hard and be disciplined may not guarantee you to achieve the body shape that you would like.

There are many treatment options that claim to produce varying degrees of local fat reduction, with methods such as focal ultrasonic lipolysis, cryolipolysis, thermal lipolysis and so on.

However, the best treatment option for local fat reduction is with liposuction. It is what we call the ‘gold standard’. None of the others can be comparable to liposuction when it comes to producing proven, irreversible and significant local fat reduction.

Proven. Liposuction is a medically proven treatment that delivers noticeable and reproducible results. Many lipolysis treatments may not be trialled and tested thoroughly hence may not produce the desired, consistent results for all.

Irreversible. Fat reduction with liposuction is irreversible. 

Significant. Significant fat tissues can be removed with liposuction, resulting in visible and considerable body shape improvement. Thick, visible fat bulges around the arms, abdomen, waist and thighs could only be improved comprehensively and significantly with proper liposuction. 

One caveat though, liposuction is great for improving body shape, but not meant to be used for weight loss.