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We are heartened to be the winner for 2019 Body Sculpting Service Provider of the Year in APAC, 2020 Body Sculpting Medical Centre of the Year in APAC, and 2020 Integrated Healthcare Medical Centre of the Year in APAC!

We are thankful to receive recognition from medical industry experts and are greatly encouraged! Body Sculpting is our beginning, our roots and our forte. We have been providing medical aesthetics and body sculpting services to many for more than 15 years. We take pride in our work, results that we produced for our patients, and service excellence over the years. Each service and treatment that we launched is carefully researched and curated, with scientific backings and clinical studies. We do not offer treatments that we feel are just quacks or “in-trend” with miraculous claims or procedures that do have not enough clinical research or scientific data behind them.   

Medicine is ever-evolving. Over the years, we invested in education, upgrading and training for our team to move in time with market demand. We officially introduced Sports Medicine to complement and strengthen our existing panel of body sculpting and medical aesthetics services with our various speciality training. We believe that ultimately, Health is Beauty and Beauty is Health. Elements of beauty are very much intertwined with a healthy physical body and mental mind. We are the only medical aesthetic practice in Singapore to have these comprehensive yet very niche services. We also introduced scientifically proven exercise therapy to our patients, to assist them with effective weight loss management and health.  

We have outstanding patient service staff in our team and skilled medical professionals. We work on the belief that effective treatments demand a fully personalised approach to every single patient. We understand that not one body shape, facial anatomy, or clinical condition is the same from our years of experience. Hence, we do not believe in offering a cookie-cutter approach in our surgeries and services, which makes us different from others. 

In our clinic, the focus is always about our patient’s aesthetic goals, concerns and wellbeing. We believe in ensuring that our client gets the most appropriate treatment, care and an unparalleled overall experience. This belief and practice start from the moment a patient walks into the clinic.

Thank you for all your support all these years!