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We are heartened to be the winner two years in a row for 2019 Body Sculpting Service Provider of the Year in APAC, 2020 Body Sculpting Medical Centre of the Year in APAC, and 2020 Integrated Healthcare Medical Centre of the Year in APAC!

Being A Doctor is a lifelong learning journey

It is important to expand our horizon and not be complacent of what we have and know today.

[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah notices psychological improvements in patients after undergoing VASER liposuction and fat grafting procedures

Contrary to popular beliefs, undergoing a VASER lipo procedure and fat grafting is not just about vanity. For many, it is about attaining a new lease of life of sorts. This is not only in the form of an improved physical appearance but, arguably and more importantly, in restoring a sense of self-confidence.

[Press Release] 2021 To Be A Year Of Evolving Cosmetic Surgery & Lifestyle Changes In Singapore In The Covid-19 Era

As the world continues to battle with the pandemic, how will it impact consumer behaviour and demands for wellness, aesthetics and cosmetics surgery in 2021? Dr. Ivan Puah, an accredited liposuction doctor and Medical Director of Amaris B Clinic, anticipates these five consumer demands.

[Press Release] Nose Filler Injection Can Cause Vision Loss When Injected With Poor Injection Techniques & Without Understanding Of Facial Anatomy, Dr Ivan Puah Warns

Dr Ivan Puah strongly advises, “It is best to consult with a qualified professional on the most appropriate treatment to suit your needs and address your concerns effectively. Interested people should consult a qualified practitioner to discuss their medical conditions, if any, before the treatment. This can help eliminate or reduce any potential risks. It is not worth risking the quality of your vision to save a few bucks.”

[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director Of Amaris B. Clinic, Discovers The Main Period Men Between 35 And 50 Year-olds First Experience Gynecomastia in Singapore

While the most popular age group of men going for gynecomastia surgery is from 35 to 50 years old, the main period they first experience this medical condition is very early in life. Dr Ivan Puah has designed a Unique 360° Glandular Tissue Dissection Technique to better improve results of gynecomastia surgery.

Saxenda, A Weight Management Supplement

Before we embark on Saxenda, patients are advised to start living healthily, such as a balanced diet, reduced caloric intake and increased physical activities.

[Press Release] Men Are Discreet About Their Negative Body Confidence and Self-perception, Observes Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director Of Amaris B. Clinic

“I have noticed that amongst the male patients, 20-25% are young adults who have serious body confidence issues. They are shy and unexpressive, often exhibiting signs of no confidence and extremely low esteem. They avoid eye contact and are uncomfortable going shirtless during clinical examinations.”

[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director Of Amaris B. Clinic, Observes Positive Correlation Between Stress, Weight Gain And Physical Body Pain

“It is important to be aware that to be worried about something, you cannot control is redundant. Stress can change or ache a person. Seek help if you feel helpless.” – Dr. Ivan Puah

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